Grapefruit for Lionel

9x9 digital photo. 2019. There was period of time when I was eating grapefruit compulsively. Me and my father ate grapefruit together. It was our thing. I left the grapefruit on my countertop for a long time. I couldn't seem to let them go. This photo is a part of a larger body of work about food and ancestral veneration.



4x6 Post Card 2014.


Real Sisters

Photo of a collage. 12x9 Collage made in 2014.


Pink Hair Ladies

Framed Digital Photo. 16x11. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. 2016. One of one.


Hands Up Don’t Twerk

Framed Digital Photo. 20 x13. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. 2016. One of one.


Two Brazilian Women Embrace

Framed Digital Photo. 17x11. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. 2016. One of one.


My Sun

Framed Digital Photo. 20x13. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. 2014. One of One.



"hungry" is my debut book of poetry and prose. this is for colored gurls (and boys) who have fled the comforts of their mothers' embrace, their granmas kitchen, their sisters' giggles; when finding themselves because sometimes lifestyle blogs, bikram yoga and green juice ain't enough. (2014)



Cicratrizes is a mixed media ebook featuring short stories, poems, prayers, a recipe and a spell. inspired by my year in Brazil. ✨ read the review of this book on (2015)


What to do with all this Freedom?

This bilingual ebook of poetry muses on the idea of freedom. Who has Freedom? And once attained, what to do with it? Este ebook bilíngüe de poesia musas sobre a idéia de liberdade. Quem tem liberdade? E uma vez alcançado, o que fazer com ele? (2017)