About Me

Nia Hampton is an nomadic writer and filmmaker, who found her voice traveling throughout the Carribean and South America. Using the angst-filled poetry she wrote during her high school and college career, she published an eBook to help fund a trip to Salvador, Bahia where she began documenting the interesting experience of being black in Brazil.

This was in 2014, 3 months after graduating from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a degree in Media and Communications Studies. During the Baltimore Uprising of 2015 Nia had the unique vantage point of watching her city resist from her eerily similar home in Brazil. Her experience was documented by Jihan Hafizfor Al Jazzera America in a viral video that has been watched over a million times. She returned home that same year, where she connected with director Malaika Aminata and together they set about screening and producing the independent documentary “Not about a Riot” which is currently in post production.

Nia has since returned to Baltimore, after spending the first six months of 2017 traveling throughout the continent of South America and the California coast. Right now her life is mostly about freelance writing, self publishing, photography, traveling, and making films.

If you love her, you’ll buy her books.


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