About the blogger.


My name is Nia and I am a writer.

And before I was a writer, I was an avid reader, day dreamer and traveler. Blame my Sagittarius sun and Pisces moon but I liken myself to Zora Neale Hurston. I live in Brazil currently, how I got here is a long story that can be read here. This blog is about my place in the world as female, as a black person, as a person born in the nineties, as a person from West Baltimore, as a person living in a country with the highest concentration of African descendants outside of Nigeria.


This is a personal blog, all words and pictures are based of my experiences unless stated otherwise. If your interested in donating to my work, or using my experience as the basis for your paper or research, please pay me.

my paypal is hampton.nia (@) gmail.com

you can buy my poetry books here.

One thought on “About the blogger.

  1. Hey Nia love you story about the REALITY of Brazil. I myself am in the process of traveling there. Question how much did you save up to stay for a whole year?. And is there any tips on where to stay?
    Thank you, Jeriel.


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