End of Summer Madness

The long summer of fun and work is coming to an end.

So after landing at JFK at the beginning of August I jumped into organizing the 2019 Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest. A festival I started out of spite in the spring of 2018. In so many words, it was a hit. It was a well earned – hard fought success, but we pulled it off and it was bigger than I could ever imagine!

I regret not posting more about the process of planning a festival on this blog. Sad that I wasn’t able to let more folks know about it, via this blog, but I was busy planning this event. Next year, we will hopefully get some grants and be able to pay a larger team of folks and outsource some things. As much as I’m happy about the festival, I’m still trying to regain all the energy I exerted in putting this together. By no means was I alone, but even my team was stretched thin.

3/5’s of the BFSFilmFest team and Sandra Gibson, the current interim director at the Parkway Theater.

So the hard work paid off, and I’m on to new things yet again. One being a new 9-5 at a community center. I’m very excited about it, but still recovering from the busiest summer I’ve seen in a while. I’m also preparing for an artist talk tomorrow!

“An Unconditional Giving”

This photo is a part of the video installation currently at on display at Stevenson University. It’s called “An Unconditional Giving” and it’s a digital offering to the Brazilian diety Pomba Gira. I collaborated with a dear friend of mine on this work, we shoot the video (which she stars in) in the winter of 2018 and we finished it at install day early this summer. Our artist talk is tomorrow, Monday September 9th at Stevenson University, Greenspring Gallery, 1525 Greenspring Valley Road, Stevenson, MD. I know it’s late notice, but it’s been hard to keep up with myself this summer. I feel like I’ve been talking about myself ALOT this summer. I don’t feel ashamed or anything but it gets weird after a while. But I know it’s what needs to be done as I build momentum towards the career I want to have. So bare with me, hopefully I’ll be able to talk about myself in a timely and cool fashion sooner than later.

Lastly, if you’ve donated to me I did not forget you! Those emails and photos and stories are coming before the end of the month. As I wrap up the festival, I will shift gears back into my personal artistry and tie those loose ends up!

thank you for being so patient with me!

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