Summer Writing Sabbatical: Tbilisi (Week 2)

It’s over ya’ll!

Me at the Farewell Dinner

As I descended the stairs from last night’s farewell dinner, I got teary eyed. The weight of everything that happened, finally hit me. All that was accomplished in not just these past two weeks but these past 4 months actually paid off. It took so much for me to get here and sit among great writers in a country that I literally had never even heard of before arriving. The pain of travel birthed some really great stories that may be published in the near future. I feel validated. This past year has seen me write less than ever before, and sometimes I’d do that thing where I think because I’m not writing in the literal moment that I’m not a writer. What a silly thought!

gifted my favorite teachers my artwork.

If anything, I can see how not writing for a while made me appreciate the moments devoted to writing. Also gave me something to write about! It felt so natural and normal to sit at a writing table. I know that’s next for me. Ru Freeman also taught me the need to read. I got disillusioned with the poetry scene in my early 20’s and didn’t realize that it’s not the only way to share work. So in coming home, I’m certainly trying to read more. I have so much say suddenly.

I wrote a short and snarky take on my experience being the sole black woman at the Seminar and one of very few black women in the city as a whole. It went over well, or so I thought. Apparently, I ruffled a few feathers cause racism and sexism “aren’t the same here” or something…my teacher gave me the tea, you can read all about it here.

Anyway. I won’t be home until August 3rd. I have a whole week of travel in this region. I’m visiting the Black Sea and have a long layover in Doha. So the gofundme still applies! We’re only 100 dollars away from reaching the goal. Give if you feel so inclined! And thank you to everyone who has helped me get here. Will never forget the massive generosity shown to me this summer.

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