Summer Writing Sabbatical: Paris

Paris is cute.

It’s expensive, but I get it. Paris is a city. Like being in Paris puts major cities in the States into context. And although we don’t really speak French in the States, the influence of Paris in our urban cities is undeniable.

Paris kind of confused me cause as an American with strong passport privilege, I’m used to the currency exchange being in my favor. Whew chil-lay, Paris got me all the way together. It’s literally as expensive as New York. And I know how to act in New York. I don’t drink all day and just wander around. I just do what I came to do and chill at a friends house. But in Paris, I drank all day and wandered around.

Ayanna my partner in crime for Paris!

I will say, the wine is good, cheap and in abundance. Walking around with a bottle is a common site and an activity that I partook in. The croissants are buttery and my waistline is wider. In short a good time was had.

Daniel was one of the first people I met in Brazil, and here he is again causally living in Paris and being a great tour guide.

I also had the great luck of running into so many old friends while in Paris. Sometimes Mercury going retrograde can be amazing. Friends from Baltimore and Brazil were in abundance in Paris especially at AfroPunk Paris. Check out my review of AfroPunk Paris on

my afropunk outfit

In short, Paris was fun as hell. I’d love to go back in the fall with more money and more time to explore the countryside. It was a great way to enter Europe and get accustomed to not speaking the dominant language. I’m currently in T’bilisi, getting used to not being understood, it’s been years since I’ve had this problem. Anyway, the gofundme is still up, just in case you want to help me reach my goal!

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