Summer Writing Sabbatical: Minneapolis

My summer writing Sabbatical has officially started! I’ve been in Minneapolis, Minnesota since July 3rd, reconnecting with my Spec Fic Rocketship writing group. This is the same group I wrote about in 2017 [click here to read that post]

Since meeting in 2017 we’ve reconvened every year to workshop and commune. This is the beauty of a writing workshop being majority community organizers. This year we settled on Minneapolis where two of our members reside. Last year we were in Joshua Tree, California. This year’s retreat was amazing. We worked out last years kinks and developed new ones that I’m sure we’ll address next year. We bonded and reignited sparks of creativity we may have lost along the way.

We also shook our asses and rode bikes.

taking a break from writing to ride…

I got to facilitate a workshop that reaffirmed some thoughts I had about an as of yet published bi-lingual creative non fiction essay. I submitted this essay to a prestigious review only for them to give me what I thought was biased critique. After workshopping it this past weekend I realized what I wrote was simply not basic enough for what I will assume is a white editor at a boring review. The affirmation from these writers who have become like family to me, is what gives me the courage to continue to submit to reviews and journals.

The way we hold each other accountable on the page keeps me sharp. I haven’t published any of my fiction here, but I intend to start soon. I feel another book brewing and I’m considering Patreon to help me pay for it.

Juanada riding “dick” at the Gay 90’s club.

I’m so happy that I got the chance to commune with my tribe before I take these stories to Europe and expose them to a new set of eyes. I’m an artist so I’m sensitive about my shit. But if it’s good enough for my Spec Fic Rocketship, I’m sure it’s good enough for everyone else!

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