In my Bag

I leave for a month of writing and traveling in two days. I feel anxious and exhausted and relieved and grateful. I am trying to manage my fears around “what could go wrong” and revel in the fact that I get to spend this time doing what I love. How lucky am I? Traveling isn’t new to me at all, but this is the first time I’m traveling to Europe. It’s the first time I’m traveling as a completely independent adult who has to pay rent at home while she’s galavanting. Naturally the stakes feel higher.

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the past year working at a desk, founding a film festival and otherwise trying my best to stay still, pay rent on time and not lose my shit.

Traveling had been such a major part of my life, and this past year was a major deviation that I’m intimidated by my itinerary. Creating the budget for this seminar was so stressful that I took a stress nap when I was creating my gofundme. It’s proved to be a full time job, beggin on the internet, but it’s paying off. [if you want to donate, click here]

This is my fourth crowd funding endeavor. The third writing seminar and the first one where I’ve been given a considerable discount on tuition. The next writing seminar I get accepted into will be fully funded. I’m claiming that now.

Anyway, I just wanted to dust off this here blog as I do intend on sharing my trip here and hopefully on another site that is paying me to do so. In the meantime here’s my itinerary,

July 3rd -> July 9th Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is an already paid for writing retreat with the lovers and friends I connected to at VONA in 2017. We call ourselves “Spec Fic Rocketship” and we’re probably a cult but whatever. We love it. I’ll also be screening a short film at the Revolutionary Jetpacks: Roots and Renewal cabaret during CONvergence. Come check it out if you’re in town!

July 9th – July 14th Paris, France

I found a cheap ticket into Europe a month ago. Decided to buy it cause it was cheap and thought I’d find a cheap train ticket to Georgia from Paris. WRONG. No one told me July is peak summer travel time. So I’m Paris for four days. Also happen to be in town during Afro Punk Paris, so if you need someone to cover that event! Hire me, I’ll already there!

July 14th – August 1st

The actual writing workshop is only two weeks longer, but it was cheaper for me to fly out on August 1st. I will find a way to fill my time in the 4 extra days I’m there. Maybe I’ll take a bus to Batumi, a nearby beach town. Anyone know anything about it?

Leave me a comment if you have advice on traveling Europe. This will be my first time going to the White mans’ motherland. What should I be aware of?

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