Mania or Magic?

Spring is approaching ya’ll. I find myself torn between never wanting to get out bed and developing mild insomnia. Lately, repetition has been grounding me. Cutting a grapefruit in fours – eating the halves and letting the peels sit on the counter.

Grapefruit for Lionel. 2019. Digital Photo. Nia Hampton

I’m never sure if it’s anxiety or inspiration when I get like this. Probably a bit of both. So much is going on. Between the 9-5 and the film festival, I’m also preparing for a group show at Stevenson University (more details to come) and have just been offered a fellowship to the Summer Literary Seminar. This writing seminar will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia in July. It’s two weeks of writing and workshopping with writers like Ru Freeman and Kevin Sessum.

I’m excited to not only be in Europe for the summer but both Kevin and Ru offer knowledge on an industry that I’m still very much trying to get into. Seminars like this are where writers make vital connections. Unfortunately, it’s expensive. Even with a fellowship that reduces my tuition by 25 percent I still have to pay 1500 dollars. And that’s not including travel and accommodations. So after wrestling with myself for a day or two I decided that I’m just going to have to do what needs to be done to make sure I get to this writing seminar this summer.

That means finally putting up my shop on this site, where I’m selling my ebooks and photos. And it means pitching to all the sites once again! It means saving the little bit of disposable income I have, and it means taking to these internet streets with my gofundme link.

Click here to help get me to Europe for the Summer Literacy Seminar this July!

The funny things about this opportunity has been watching my ego go through changes in regards to asking for help. It’s almost as if I wasn’t doing this for most of 2017. Like I don’t know how to put myself out there, hustle and ask for help. But I won’t lie and act like I haven’t gotten out of the habit since taking my full time job in September. Nevertheless, my dreams are still very much the same. Make art, write and travel. Looks like I’ll be doing all three soon enough.

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