Goodbye 2018!

This was the year I understood my ability to change as something that can open doors for me. Granted it’s something I knew about myself for a while. I’ve been a multi hyphenate artist for a while. That’s why I was drawn to film, it felt like the perfect combination of varying mediums. In traveling I was forced to use my performance art skills to communicate with folks when my handle of their language couldn’t do the job. My written words literally funded my escapades. My eye and what I chose to capture with my camera while on these adventures began as something very personal to me. Things I wish I had seen more of growing up. This was the year I took the leap and showed the world (specifically Baltimore) what I was experiencing. It was scary and exhilarating and changed things immediately. My internalized classism made me feel as if my first gallery show “Drapetomania: The Strong Urge to Escape”, is what made me an “artist”. In reality I’ve been who am I for a long time. I just tried a new way of getting it into the world this year. I’m still processing how I feel about the “art” world. But I’m grateful for the very interesting and new set of problems it gave me. Thanks to that show, I have a whole new passion project that I’ll be sharing a lot more of very soon. I have new connections and feel that much more closer to my larger dreams of making films on a larger scale, (i.e. financial support and distribution) a reality. It was a year of immense growing pains. But I feel like the person I’ve always wanted to be. I feel like I truly deserve all the great things that have came and are continuing to come my way.

2018 was the beginning of a wave. 2019 is about not wiping out.

happy new year ya’ll!

See you in the future.

“Drapetomania; The Strong Urge to Escape” Recap Video

Spring 2018

filmed by Brittany B Monét Fennell

song by Luedji Luna



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