“Drapetomania; The Strong Urge to Escape”

“This is not a mistake”, my mother said. And then she took my hand and prayed for me. I cried into my hands. Broke down ugly cry as if I were a toddler. These tears were full of joy and fear and relief in being able to come to my mother with these “good” problems.

I’m preparing to open my first solo show at Waller Gallery. It consists of photography and videos from my life in Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. Making this show happen has been no easy feat. I’m learning so much about the medium of photography, about the business of art, about collaborating, about being vulnerable and being seen. 

Drapetomania was once a medical diagnosis used to explain why enslaved Africans ran away from the plantation. This was a racist and fabricated diagnosis of the human imperative to flee servitude. In her first solo exhibition, Nia Hampton shows the results of her own bout of “drapetomania” after graduating college and moving to Brazil. She captured the following on her journey through South America: environmental racism, African spiritual practices, femicide, black Brazilian feminism, haircut culture, and Love.

taken from WallerGallery.com.

When I took a leap of faith and left for Brazil, I didn’t know enough about what I was attempting to do to fear it. The tightness in my chest and butterflies in my stomach felt more like excitement. I didn’t think it would turn into a photography show opening, I really didn’t forsee this photo show creating a space to host “The Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest”a one day film festival highlighting black people of any nationality who identity with feminine gender expression.  Now, post adventures in South America, I’m starting a new chapter. Becoming an artist. A successful and confident one at that. Which means, this blog will change yet again. But I will always share my journey here, cause that’s what it’s all about!


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