Returns are always so dramatic. Perhaps it’s because they seem spontaneous. If you’re anything like me, you feel torn in between where you are now, where you were yesterday and where you dream of going tomorrow. This makes returns all the more…fun. I bought a one way ticket to Brazil in May. I found a ticket to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil for 268 dollars after receiving news that the media production gig I was freelancing with would not turn into a “real job”. I was teary eyed and angry as I searched Student Universe for the flight that would take me back to where I was a few months ago. It would take me back to being a somewhat consistent blogger in a constant battle with myself and whatever it means to be an entrepreneur, thousands of miles from where I was. I bought a ticket to a land that wasn’t so foreign to me anymore, out of anger. Out of longing. Out of hopelessness. It was eerily similar to when I bought my ticket home from Brazil, the first time. I had just gotten fired from my job and was sad, lonely, and scared. So I went home to Baltimore because I thought I was missing something. Something other than family and friends. There was a lifestyle that I thought would suit me better and I attempted it. I came home and had a few internships and worked odd job and raised my credit score and did awesome things and took advantage of awesome opportunities. And when a major one fell through I did what felt right to me. I left. Maybe that makes me a quitter, maybe that makes me a runner, maybe that makes me lucky. Either way, I’m back in Brazil. Pursing the dream, again. Being a tad reckless, again. Writing and creating work in the hopes that you’ll be inspired, again. Asking you to support me, again. Betting on myself, again.  Doing it all, again. Join me.

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  1. Best of wishes to you, Spice! You’re not a quitter. What you’re doing is brave and requires a lot of courage. Good for you!! I will def be reading. 🙂


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