#tbt #300MenMarch Walk to the White House

Sunday August 16th, #300MenMarch, an activist group based in Baltimore MD, walked 35 miles from the city of Baltimore to the capital of the United States in a show of solidarity. #300MenMarch, founded by Munir Bahar, is an organization dedicating to eradicating community violence for all people. The organization, made up of mostly black men have created the following manifesto

“We hold ourselves accountable for the successes and failures in our community by looking within to provide permanent answers and lasting solutions.

When we recognize, identify, or discover a problem, we are obligated to recognize, identify, or discover a solution to that problem.

 Acknowledge that ALL LIVES MATTER; no matter the race, religion, gender, profession,

socio-economic status – we advocate for ALL victims of violence.

Recognize the humanity in all; we focus on the goal of positive change.

Individuals make up this movement. However, egos must be minimized in order to address conflict and society’s challenges, which affect all of us.”

The group walked 35 miles in the hopes that they could gain the attention of the national media and the President himself. They believe the way to curing the disease of violence within urban communities lies within the community themselves. They believe the tactics they have created would be a timely addition to “My Brother’s Keeper” President Obama’s special initiative which is dedicated to the empower of Black Men in the United States. The men made it safely to the White House the following Monday 2 hours early.

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