New Logo


All though I’m using her image without permission, this beautiful young Bahiana was too confident and proud of her beauty for me to miss this opportunity. I already have a logo. It’s a photo showcasing the duality of Salvador. It features the favelas in the foreground rising up to towering white condos in the back, implying class accession. Accession relates to the theme of my blog. It’s my coming of age story, told through a society. However, it’s a bit impersonal and feels almost too big at times. But my target audience is black women, black girls specifically, in the Americas. Young black girls who when they see me, wonder where I’m from and how I can look like her but not be from the same place. They wonder what I’m doing in their community, some wonder what I see in them, why I ask to take pictures of them. Others already know. They know they’re special. They know they glow. Like the girl in my new logo. She knows she glows.


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