“Spiritual Shit” #tbt

Last night I met a beautiful young Afro Brazilian professor who told me she could see my Orisha and she thinks it’s Iamsa. Iamsa is also known as Oya.

Oya/Iamsa is a warrior mother of nine who travels far and takes no shit. She’s the type of mom who’ll kiss her kids goodnight then ride a wave to another dimension, make some money, gain some knowledge, acquire a few lovers, shake some shit up, change everything then bounce. She is wind, hurricanes, tropical storms.  She is the guardian of the gates of death. She is the epitome of feminine power and necessary albeit sudden change. She is devastating. Something that I recently decided I wanted to be.

If Iamsa is my orisha then does that mean I should look to her for advice, direction? I think so. I feel a kinship to her story in regards to travel. It was said that she was married to Ogun before she left him for Shango. She saved his life one time by being inquisitive and since then was able to spit fire out of her mouth. She fights by her lover Shango’s side. Children of Iamsa are said to be outgoing, adventurous, spiritual and have the ability to commune with the dead.

My family has always been very spiritual, many people have dreams of the dead, know when someone is about pass etc. But my loved ones who left have never ever visited me. I was always very hurt about it. I actually prayed that my Dad would visit me in a dream at least, to no avail. I know a lot of dead people and have always felt stalked by death’s presence, like it was just always waiting on me. Technically it is, but I always felt as if it was right around the corner. It wasn’t until I was riding in a bus on a rainy night up the Ecuadorian Amazon, certain that I was going to die that I realized that being in death’s presence doesn’t have to be a bad or scary thing. I think learning more about Oya and her power with help me reconcile my feeling with the various encounters with death. I got a lot of dead people who have to cross over so that I can finally move on and begin to live. Hopefully this process isn’t too scary.

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