“My Name is Now”

directed by Elizabete Martins Campos
Elza Soares is samba and she reminds the world in her new documentary, “My Name is Now”.
Elza lives up to her reputation of being groundbreaking by using this doc to talk about who she is now as opposed to she was she was. Unlike other documentaries on bad girl singers whose time has passed, we don’t focus on the life she’s lived, nor is this a history lesson in what she’s done. Our role as the audience in this extended visual poem of a documentary  is interesting, we get to be Elza’s mirror. She bares all, something it seems she’s always done but it’s not for the sake of exhibition-this is more like thug motivation.
Memorable moments include seeing the 79 year old in a lusty photo shoot that proves confidence will always be the singular component of sex appeal. Others include too short glances of her as a child. This film is for true fans of Elza so at times as a gringa I was lost on certain images, like an old newspaper clip stating that Elza and her pro footballer ex husband were actually never separated confused me. I very much wished there was more of a linear storyline to follow because Elza is already so abstract and hard to grasp, but I will admit I am intrigued now and will more than likely go about researching her myself. In conclusion this film is a great introduction into the philosophical and mystical mind of the Goddess Elza Soares.

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