Film of the Future

Now that I have less than a month left here in Brazil I’m becoming a lot more introspective. People always wonder “what happens to a dream deferred?” I find myself asking, what happens to a dream realized? Now that I’ve “lived” in Brazil, which was my secret dream for a while, I have to ask myself what next? I graduated college, came here, survived, some might even say thrived in certain areas and now in August, I’ll be returning to my mother’s home. And then what?

Well, I think it’s time I get to work on my film career. I’ve been a movie buff since I could remember. I literally came to this country because of the films, “City of God” and “Besuro”. When my sister and friend came to visit me, we were lucky enough to be in town during an historic Afro Brazilian film festival. I’m a religious Maryland Film Festival volunteer and this year’s BlackStar Film Festival will be the first one I miss, only because I’m here. 11665598_10153139205213370_7007319666368351257_n

11427232_747056165403716_6798396293150140869_nLuckily I just found out about the Latindades Afrolatina Film Festival in Brasilia, and I will be going! This past week I even got to indulge in the very cool PBS online film fest. (Be sure to watch and vote for this filmPBS_OLFF15_Header

I’ll be reviewing films here as well, shortly. I think that’s a natural evolution of this blog. Check out a film festival if you get the time, they’re really underrated experiences.

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