Reckless, Helpless Anger

Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening in Baltimore.

The brutal and unnecessary death of Freddie Gray has left my city in mourning. Freddie, a West Baltimore native was believed to have been in his neighborhood when he made eye contact with a police eye officer. EYE CONTACT. Freddie was then chased and beat. 80% of his spinal cord was severed. He died in the hospital a week later. This video goes into detail.

There were many peaceful protests this past week. One peaceful protest was interrupted when drunk white Orioles fans began shouting “Niggers!” at the protesters as well as throwing objects. Thus began the “riots”. Oh no, thus began the small damage to a few cars, and a 7-11. White people have done worse damage when their favorite sports team win championships. Things got out of hand and people were arrested. But the city calmed down.


A “flyer” was allegedly circulated claiming that gangs were pulling together to “take out” cops. LOL I imagine an old white cop writing this “flyer” and recalling “jive talk” he saw in an old blaxsplotation film. Needless to say, this was not true. No such initiative was created but that didn’t stop the city from closing most major universities and business early in prep for an “attack”. They closed most of downtown and let people home early. Most people except high school students. black high school students. Police in full SWAT gear surrounded the major bus station on the West Side of Baltimore leaving hundreds of teenagers stranded in the area. They then began to antagonize them, and through rocks. The media will only show the handful of students who fought back. But when you’re getting tear gassed and told to go home AND they city has shut the busses down, what do you do?

When your city has taken money out of the public education system FOR DECADES…when your city has given all oppurtunity and grants to mostly white transplants, when your own BLACK mayor calls her youth thugs on Television.

What’s left?

What to do with all this anger?


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