The Black Female Domestic Worker; Part 1

It’s not uncommon to see worn wrinkled hands wiping the butts of small smooth skinned babies. Often the small smooth skinned backside is white. And the wrinkled hands? Well they’re black of course.

Cause that’s just how things are here.

It’s hard to watch honestly. At the job I was fired from about a month ago, I was one of the few noticeably black teachers. Dark brown skin, nappy hair type black. The hierarchy was as follows, the white or nearly white women were teachers, they wore blue collared shirts. The lighter skinned mixed looking black women wore pink shirts, which means they were teaching assistants. But the majority of women that really looked like me wore blue smocks and were maids, assistants and teachers all at once. They took children to the bathroom, they kept the classroom sparkling clean, they organized work, they fed kids, they did all the work. I’m sure they were paid way less than everyone else. I’m sure there feet hurt everyday.  They appeared happy and were always cordial but it was still very strange. I couldn’t help but wonder who was taking care of their kids and grandkids. Who takes care of these women when they are tired or sick or can’t give care any longer? No one.domestic-worker-jan10

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