Carnival Recap Part 4.

*the days aren’t actually in order, carnival lasts an entire week. I tried to go everyday and take pics, but living directly on a parade route and crashing at a friends place who lives directly on a crazier parade route made it hard. SO, I’m blogging about Carnival in three different installments because honestly, that’s all I remember.*
14 Pelourinho was my favorite neighborhood to experience Carnival in.  The old city is the trademark of Salvador. Cobblestone roads, colonial style houses, people begging for change, white tourists dressed like they’re going to the jungle, all give the feeling of “this definitely was a place that was very important many years ago”.  Today Pelo is known for it’s hippie culture, afro bloco rehearsals and a good place to buy all your souvenirs.  Pelo is for the people, it’s where the locals and the tourist collide. It’s also where Baiana System performed during Carnival. Baiana System makes awesome music. I’m still not sure what genre they’re in. It’s reggae influenced, but also has a pagode sound. It’s great music to smoke and drink to, but also awesome sober. Their live show was nuts. I got all up in the crowd and in the middle of the mosh pit. 5

Thanks to my press pass I was also able to enjoy free food and drinks at the Camarote, where I made new friends.  24Overall it was a great way to spend Carnival. Although I was initially scared to be walking around with a camera, I was safe.  Nothing too crazy happened, I got to enjoy luxuries that without a press pass I would have had to pay for. Carnival is what you make it. Like anything else in life I guess.

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